The Foundation's mission is to create an impressive image of Ukraine in the world community.
Our highest goal is the honor and dignity. Some of these concepts are never traded.
Dr. Borys Paton. Congratulations on your centenary! Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Soul of Ukraine International Foundation. President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Born on November 27, 1918
One America To The World International Project. Epic Mission Of High Level. The Soul of Ukraine International Foundation
Current Projects
The Genius. The Portrait of Dr. Borys Paton, Created by an Artificial Intelligence
"The Genius" a Portrait Created by an Artificial Intelligence
Current status: in action
Press Release / English
Прес-реліз / Український
Communique de presse / Francaise
Пресс-релиз / Русский
The Copyright
"AI Created a Unique Portrait of the Great Ukrainian Scientist"
An article of "The Evening Kharkov" Ukrainian Newspaper / in Russian
Sergey Melnikoff / Author of the Project
Tatiana Alexandrova / Art Director
One America To The World Epic Mission of High Level
"One America To The World" Epic Mission of High Level
Current status: in progress
"One America to the World" at a Glance
"Зробимо Америку найкращою"
Рекламна брошура проекту на сайті Харківського клубу горосходжувачів
The Training Expedition in the Alps / Photo Report
Estimate of Expedition Costs
Estimate of Postproduction Expenses
A Claim to Create the Most Expensive Photo in the World
Sergey Melnikoff / Author of the Project, Director of the Film Crew
Gennadii Kopeika / Director of Mountain Activity
Head Coach of the National Mountaineering Team of Ukraine
Cell: +380.503.237.733 / EET
"The Good Samaritan" Newsletter
Current status: in action
Anastassia Melnikov / Director
Eve Sedoff / Editor-in-Chief
The People Of The Maidan. Open Air Worldwide Exhibition
"The People Of The Maidan" Exhibition
Current status: in action
"The People of the Maidan" at a Glance
"The People of the Maidan" Web Site
Tatiana Alexandrova, Gennadii Korolov / Directors
The Heavenly Hundred Installation
"The Heavenly Hundred" Installation
Current status: in progress
"The Heavenly Hundred" Installation at a Glance
"The Heavenly Hundred" The images
Sergey Melnikoff / Author of the Project
"Windows of the World" An Open Air Worldwide Exhibition
Current status: in developing
"Windows of the World" at a Glance
Maitre MFF
"Windows of the World" Website
Sergey Melnikoff / Author of the Project
Tatiana Alexandrova / Art Director
Sony World Photography Awards
Current status: in progress
Sergey Melnikoff / Participant
global proofreading and copy-editing
DHL Express
The Gift of Hope. Welcome to Our Tax-DeductIble Gift Shop
От Сухишвили до Киндзмараули. К открытию представительства Междукнародного фонда Душа Украины в Грузии
Stop the War On Children. The Russian military are spreading mined children's toys in the Eastern Ukraine. They have always done it! In the Ukraine, in Georgia, in Chechnya, even earlier in Afghanistan… Stop Deadly Gifts from the Russian World!
An appeal by founder
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The Board of Trustees
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The Full Package of Legal Documents
Annual Report 2018
Industry Report July 2018
The Soul of Ukraine International
Anastassia Melnikov / Chair Person
Gennadii Korolov / CEO, President Secretary
Tatiana Alexandrova / Art Director, Head of the Audit Committee
Melody Simmons / Registered Agent
Current Volunteers
Veronika Sazanovich
Irina Korolova
Tetiana Kolganenko
Oleksandra Ushkevich
Anna Melnikova
Alina Vasylenko
Svitlana Chaika
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