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Deluxe Books and Wall Calendars

MFF photo books and a luxury, multi-page wall calendars are comprised of stunning fine art prints, well known for their artistic interpretation and technical excellence. The Master shot the photos in 150 countries around the world in the most beautiful and remote places on our planet with a huge camera custom made by the Japanese company, Fuji, made exclusively for a photographer, and have a resolution up to one billion pixels!

Land of the Wanderers

We are also pleased to offer our customers luxury, giant-sized wall calendars. These multi-page deluxe edition with either a panoramic or portrait orientation up to 30” in length will be filled with superb resolution pictures of Mother Nature in your homeland. MFF calendars are comprised of stunning fine art prints, well known for their artistic interpretation and technical excellence. These exclusive wall calendars are as perfect and diverse as nature itself and make a superlative corporate or personal gift.

Love Ukraine!

A panoramic edition with staged scenes that proclaim the greatness of the Ukrainian people and demonstrate their country's pristine beauty. Rare art editions of such kind are often used by country leaders and senior officials as representative gifts at official meetings. The book is printed using high-quality paper and bound with a leather cover embroidered with national-style needlework. It also comes with a decorated gift box and papyrus embossed with gold and silver foil. The layout of the album is made up of highly artistic works by MFF made in Ukraine throughout 2013-2015.

The People of Maidan

For the heroes who stood against sniper bullets with shields made of wood
and protected honor and dignity of the Ukrainian nation...

The People of Maidan – a unique photo album of 400 pages and thousands of photos depicting the events of the Revolution of Dignity. A limited edition with personalized acknowledgement page signed by the hand of Patriarch Filaret and the planet's oldest academician Borys Paton.

The album is intended for fund-raisers organized in well-known American corporations and Hollywood studios during a demonstration of the People of Maidan exhibition.

An album as a gift!

Deluxe edition by MFF as a gift!

The Land of the Kyrgyz – a richly illustrated top-of-the-line album created and published by Sergey Melnikoff and commissioned by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic. The album is a collection of articles and projects aimed at promoting international tourism in the country. The book was published in English and Russian languages. The National Tourism Administration of the country spent $110,000 on the publication of the folio. This magnificent book has the best pictures of Tien Shan nature as well as some unique pictures from high-altitude and underwater expeditions.

Potential customers will be presented with this elite folio as an example of high-end polygraphy and professional skills of the foundation's founder. This beautiful book will answer the question of the most capricious customer, i.e. what the production of this creative team looks and feels like.

  • Free album with MFF's autograph!
  • You only pay for the shipping of the book
  • Hardcover, wraparound, five colors
  • 8 double panoramic spreads one and a half meters each!
  • Colorful box of premium design
  • Book weighs 2.5 kg
  • Fund received 700 copies of the album for free distribution
  • To order the book please write to
Opus Gloria

A unique edition of the very best from the Maitre of photo art
in his 40 years of work!

The foundation is looking for a publisher for the release of one of the most colorful photo albums in the world. We can offer not only a gorgeous limited edition folio under the trade mark of the sponsor for the charity auctions in the largest companies in the world, but also return your investment in a hundredfold in the form of education grants for your children at USA's best universities.

You will get a chance to see remarkably beautiful photos of Mother Nature accompanied by refined, sensual texts created by a famous American author.

If you are looking for a meaningful world-class corporate gift, Opus Gloria is the right choice for you.

100 Years to Latvia!

Dear Latvian patriot!
Our offer to you is to publish your personal or family photo in an exclusive album 100 Years to Latvia. Every participant receives a full page in the album. You may also place a dedication to your dearest: parents, children, beloved etc. It can be a poem or a drawing. The idea behind the project is that 100 patriots of Latvia show the beauty of their land in the year of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia. The album will include 100 highly panoramic photos from all over the country. This will be an exclusive limited edition of one thousand copies. Each book will have a serial number and autographed the Master. The participants will receive two copies.

  • The official website of the project
  • Majestic Forest

    Serene is the forest. I saunter through.
    Majestic you are! I bow to you.
    The fir trees, its prickly young needles.
    The squirrel that hops,
    The cone hunt never stops,
    The lulling hum of the beetles.
    Awesome, perplexing!
    Majestic forest!

    A panoramic edition of rare beauty, a uniquely designed photo album, the material for which MFF hunted after in the forests of the Baltic States, Ukraine, Poland and Belarus throughout all four seasons. The foundation is looking for a co-editor to release of the album. Transfer of rights is negotiable.

  • Please email here with your offers:
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