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The Soul of Ukraine international foundation is a charitable organization with the registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the State Department of Florida, the U.S.A. The foundation carries out its activities in accordance with the legislation of these countries.

All funds received by the foundation's foreign missions from any projects are transferred to charity US bank accounts of The Soul of Ukraine Foundation, Inc. This also applies to cash transactions.

Any financial operations of the foundation are carried out for charitable purposes only.

Individual contracts and agreements concluded with the members of the Board of Trustees or the Executive Directorate of the foundation, if they are concluded to the foundation's benefit or with the involvement of the foundation's resources, must include a provision on financial obligations of performers of that contract to the foundation. Such documents must have the provision stating that the received funds be transferred onto the foundation's accounts in the form of donations.

Donations can be earmarked for specific projects or the foundation or have no specified purpose. The latter can be used for the foundation's major, officially stated objectives of development, and for special projects approved by the Board of Trustees of the foundation.

At the conclusion of sponsorship agreements, the priority is the law of charity in the state of Florida, the place of registration of the American representational office.

US Government Grants

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