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Cooperation regarding distribution of educational information

  • The Soul of Ukraine international charitable foundation, whose US division is a member of the National Association of Government Contractors, has applied for a grant under the program of the US government which stipulates production and mass distribution of anti-corruption and eco-awareness content for citizens of Ukraine.

    The purpose of ENGAGE is to increase citizen awareness of and engagement in civic activities at the national, regional and local level. The total amount of ENGAGE, subject to the availability of funds, is $22,000,000 of which at least $10,000,000 should be sub-granted to Ukrainian organizations (CSOs); and, at least $4,000,000 should be dedicated to anti-corruption activities.

    The program’s primary focus will be organizing lectures, thematic open-air exhibitions, publishing and distribution of thematic content at higher education facilities and popular walking areas as well as a number of other public events around the country.

    The Board of Executive Directors invite all potential partners in Ukraine to participate in the aforementioned program, mainly in the upkeep of brochure stands which will be located in public places around Ukraine.

    Apart from the aforementioned eco-awareness content, the foundation intends to distribute photographic produce with landscapes of Ukraine, i.e. panoramic calendars, postcard sets, advertisement posters, and sets of photographic pieces for wall decor. The aforementioned produce, unobtrusively supplemented with the brand marks of the foundation’s partners, will not only provide Ukrainian companies with long-lasting advertisement in homes and offices, but also emphasize its nationwide scale.

    In addition to receiving a chance to ameliorate the wellbeing of fellow Ukrainians, all companies will benefit from the moral preferences which will undoubtedly prove useful in the negotiation process with governmental institutions of the U.S.A. or Europe if a company decides to expand nation-wide, since that company will have a status of an official partner of the U.S.A. federal government in international anti-corruption programs.

Posted: June 30, 2016
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