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Revolution of Dignity

On 21 November 2013, the night before signing an association agreement with the European Union, then-president Viktor Yanukovych suspended the process and took billions of dollars in kickbacks from Vladimir Putin. His actions resulted in mass protests by pro-Western hopefuls, mainly young students, known as the Euromaidan. After a savage beating of the peaceful protestors by the Special Armed Forces ordered by Yanukovich, tens of thousands of people from Kyiv and all corners of Ukraine poured onto Maidan and stood ground against despotism.

The New World Looking
Photo by MFF

Euromaidan was the boiling point, however, it wasn‘t the only reason why ordinary people stopped their normal lives and came to live in the streets in the midst of winter 2014. It was the most dangerous place to set up a tent: crowds were standing up day and night to the armed Special Armed Forces, water cannons and snipers. The Ukrainians rose up against the corrupt criminal government of Yanukovich and his Russian sponsors because they had nothing to lose. Their country, property, land, small and large businesses, freedom, human rights and, frequently, lives were robbed by the corrupt «elite». «The Family» year after year lived exorbitantly rich lives as the population was taking a nosedive into poverty and hopelessness.

Maidan was a city within the city of Kyiv: barricades, makeshift tents, hospitals, kitchens, warm clothes and blankets storage, a University, a stage for cultural and music events. Its life was organized and manned solely by volunteers, ordinary citizens, rich and poor. There were protests across the entire country.

There has never been any grassroots event of this magnitude in Ukraine that would lift the spirit of the nation so high and make us proud to be Ukrainians. People old and young, may be for the first time in their lives became free, took responsibility for their country and destiny, for which many Maidan defenders paid with their lives: disappeared, shot, burned to death, stabbed, beaten, and drowned by the criminal Yanukovich regime forces and by Special Services from Moscow.

We bring to you the authentic unedited images of struggle, hope, sorrow, loss and happiness, raw from the center of it all, audaciously filmed on barricades by Dr. Sergey Melnikoff, a professional photographer who stood on Maidan day and night from the first day till the last one with his camera, risking his life, open to sniper fire. Ukraine and its people are grateful to Sergey for all he did and will be doing to raise awareness of the new Ukraine in the world. His International Foundation has been supported by the most respected cultural, scientific and spiritual leaders of our nation.

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