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The People of Maidan
A Worldwide Outdoor Exhibition

«People of Maidan» is a spectacular public exhibition that touches everyone‘s heart and stops people in their tracks, for hours captivating minds by the beautiful and audacious images taken during the Revolution of Dignity of 2014 by Dr. Sergey Melnikoff.

Take a peek at the images and get a feel for its spirit by clicking on this brochure, which was created by our volunteers.

The People of Maidan
Cover of the brochure

Our goal is to show the events that took place on Maidan to as many people around the world as possible. The bravery, courage and patriotism of Ukrainian people standing ground for their freedom are inspiring. Old democracies lived through the independence movement hundreds of years ago. Our exhibition gives an opportunity to the citizens of the free world to imagine what that fight for freedom might have looked and felt like. Just look in the eyes of the people on these pictures! That’s how the eyes of your ancestors looked like when they were ready to give their lives for the freedom of future generations.

Sergey Melnikoff has been primarily filming nature over the past 30 years: mountains and deep oceans. However, he was immediately attracted by an amazing visual transformation of stereotypically laidback and grounded Ukrainians into simultaneously fearless and fearful characters, deep, complex and admirable.

Sergey brought to Maidan his talents of projecting the spirit onto the film, the spirit you can feel around you, as if you were there, on the streets: eyes full of hope that you can look into, minds free from subjugation to criminals that you can read, love for own country and its future that you can relate to.

We are looking forward to seeing you when we get on a world tour!

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