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Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Ukrainian people:

"I want to send a message to the people of the Ukraine to let them know that I wish them all the best of luck in their peaceful struggle for democracy and freedom. Peace!"

The Soul of Ukraine
The Soul of Ukraine is much like a girl, a gullible little thing with sky-blue eyes sparking with mirth, curiosity and firm belief in a bright future. One for the people who have suffered great loss and destitution in their lives and who have earned their right for genuine happiness' earned it with their integrity, good will, love of their freedom and striving for something better.
Tatiana Aleksandrova
Photo by MFF
"Omen of Democracy"
A panoramic view of Maidan - the Independence Square - with 500 thousand people gathered there for a Veche (Popular Assembly), in Kyiv, on the 08th of December, 2013.
Plenty of Ukraine and EU flags demonstrate the Ukrainians' great zeal for democracy while the rainbow which appeared in the sky looks like the God's blessing, and 500,000 hearts caught with the camera's eye are the Archimedian point which moved the history of Ukraine.
Photo by MFF
The unique panorama on art canvas is available at the foundation's auctions.
Welcome to a Wonderful World!
The "Soul of Ukraine" International Foundation launched the new global art-project. The worldwide exhibition "Windows of the World" is a showcase of ultra-high definition panoramic photographs which rattle the human imagination. For Christian nations, the project is called "The World in 6 Days"
Photo by MFF (self-portrait)
Long Live Ukraine!
In September, 2013 the biggest picture in the history of the country "The Soul of Ukraine" was taken from a hot air balloon above St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery. The photo shoot also turned out to be the most expensive. 500 artists in costumes, representatives of Kyiv's most renowned folklore ensembles took part in the process. At the moment when the balloon took off, a soft tintinnabulation of church bells poured over the square...
Photo Credit: UNIAN
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